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Davaon Pro Pruning Set With Advanced Garden Hedge Shears - Grip Width Adjustable Secateurs Set and Multi Tool Garden Sharpener.  A super set for pruning hedges, flowers and plants. The garden shears are lightweight, nicely balanced and require less effort to use thanks to the advanced cutting mechanism. The secateurs set includes both Bypass and Anvil type garden secateurs for tackling live and woody stems and branches. The great adjustable grip width feature allows you to quickly change the grip from wide to smaller. Great for different hand sizes. Super sharp blades further enhance the cutting ability and the secateurs and hedge shears.

The multi tool garden tool sharpener can help revive old garden tool blades and knives and is essential for long life maintenance of your gardening blades. 

Pro Pruning Set - Pro Garden Shears - Adjust Secateurs - Multi Tool Sharpener

    • Less effort advanced compound cutting action on shears makes trimming easier
    • Super sharp carbon steel blades slice through stems and branches easily
    • Lightweight Shears and Secateurs for less hand and arm fatigue during use
    • Adjustable grip width on secateurs for small to large hands
    • Soft anti-slip grips provide enhanced comfort during use
    • Perfect for hedges and bushes, grass
    • Diamond coated sharpener helps bring blunt blades back to life

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