Davaon Pro Tree Branch Cutting Set With Pruning Saw is a perfect set to cut through branches and with less effort too. The Ratchet Loppers and Secateurs cut in several pressure increasing steps and great for woody dense branches. And if you have branches to cut that are too thick for secateurs and loppers, then the 180mm folding pruning saw will be ideal. It cuts though thick branches with ease.

Makes a great gift set too.

Pro Cutting Set - Ratchet Loppers & Secateurs + 180mm Pruning Saw

    • Lopper and Secateurs Cut In Several Pressure Increasing Steps To Minimise Effort and Strain
    • Lopper Easily Extends To 1000mm To Reach Higher Branches
    • Pruning Saw Cuts Branches Too Thick For Secateurs and Loppers
    • SK5 Carbon Steel Sharp Blades That Slice Through Easily
    • A Great Set For Pruning Trees and Woody branches 
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