Pro 250m Pruning Saw - Folding, Quick Cut, Ergonomic

Davaon Pro 250mm Wood Cutting Pruning Saw is a wonderful multi-use saw for garden trimming.

The 10" blade with triple cut teeth allow you to cut through tree branches quickly and easily.

It's also great for cutting decking boards, fence posts panels and cutting timber for your incinerator.

Our ergonomic anti-slip curved handle design allows for several comfort hand positions to suit you and even has a rounded end for you to reach higher branches.

This wood cutting saw is essential for any gardening enthusiast and will make an ideal addition to your garden tools.

Pro 250m Pruning Saw - Folding, Quick Cut, Ergonomic

SKU: DN-9562
    • Triple cut sharp teeth slice through branches quickly and smoothly
    • 250mm longer blade cuts more with each pull
    • Handle is comfortable on the hands
    • Folding for easy, safe storage and carrying
    • Secure lock
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