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Taking Care Of Garden Tools

During less active months during the winter, it is highly important to make sure our favourite tools are at their best for when we need them again.

Instead of using them in flower beds, they are placed in the shed for the winter and forgotten about until the warmer months return.


This should be done frequently to avoid residue build up and blades sticking. Many have their own method of cleaning blades and this will also depend on the amount left on the blades.

Many use the following:

  • Wire Brush

  • Dry Cloth

  • Wire Wool

  • Oily Cloth


Enhancing your tool blade performance is essential for quality use for years to come, so having a sharpener should be a compulsory part of your garden tool collection.

Many of us believe applying a lot of pressure to the blade when sharpening is more effective that lighter strokes.

Of course there needs to be some pressure, which is why it is recommended to have light pressure and at an angle of 15 degrees.

As with many sharpeners Davaon Multi Tool Sharpener is designed with a coarse side for heavy duty sharpening and a smooth side for fine honing tune up. Our Multi -Tool Sharpener also comes with a small blade guard around the top of the handle to prevent the blade slipping onto fingers or hands.


When you're tools have all been given some TLC, you can choose many ways to store them. Due to the sharp blades your tools must always be stored in a safe and dry place such as:

  • Tool boxes

  • Storage Shelves

  • Shed Wall Hooks

  • Shed Hanging Storage

  • Cupboards / Cabinets

Always take care when cleaning, sharpening

& storing your sharp tools to avoid injury.

For all your gardening needs, remember Davaon.

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