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Which ones to choose, when to grow them and how to achieve a successful growth.

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There are 70 different types of sunflowers to choose from, but these are the most common:

The tallest growing Sunflower is the American Giant - Grows up to 14 feet high with a flower about 30cm across

Tall Annual Sunflowers - Grow up to 8 feet high:

  • Arikara

  • Mammoth Grey Stripe

  • Russian Mammoth

Colourful Annual Sunflowers - Grow up to 8 feet:

  • Evening Sun

  • Floristan

  • Strawberry Blonde

Dwarf Annual Flowers - Grow up to 3 feet:

  • Suntastic Yellow

  • Firecracker

  • Teddy Bear

Sunflowers love to grow in the sun and planted in well drained soil around Mid April to May time in the Northern areas or earlier in the South depending on when temperatures start to rise.

  • Sunflowers need space (around 10cm) and have soft crumbly weed free soil

  • Make sure you sow them carefully and straight in to the ground (about 12mm deep).

  • Cover over the seed with soil.

  • Thin out crowded plants to around 2 every meter (40-45cm apart).

  • Leave the strongest plants and move the others.

  • Slugs and snails like to eat the new shoots so keep an eye out to remove them.

  • Protecting the seedlings with the top or half a plastic bottle to protect the seedlings.

  • As the Sunflower starts achieving heights of significance, ensure you support the stem by tying a cane to the plant. This may need adjusting depending on the continuing growth/height.

Fun With Sunflowers

These plants are perfect for having some fun with your young gardeners such as:

  • Making a growth chart and measuring it every 2-4 weeks

  • Guessing how tall the sunflower will grow

  • Have a competition on which Sunflower will grow the tallest

  • Draw or paint your sunflower


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