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Storing Garden Tools During Winter

If you want to make sure your garden tools are in good working order for when you need them again, then follow these rules to avoid rusty, cracked and blunt blades.


It is very important to achieve comfort throughout the whole lifetime of your tool. Davaon products are all ergonomically shaped and most have soft, anti-slip handles, but as not all garden tool handles are made the same, we thought these tips would be helpful.


To reduce cracking in wooden handles, ensure the wood is clean and dry. Use wood oil to rub over the oil to prevent cracking over the colder dormant months. Storage in mild and dry conditions is important to ensure the wood is in perfect condition.

Rubber/Plastic Compounds

Clean with a dry or damp cloth. Use grease remover based cleaner such as washing up liquid for sticky handles. Ensure the handles are thoroughly dry around edges near the blade to avoid future leaks onto the steel.


Davaon products are rust resistant, but for those who use others brands, here are some tips on maintaining the perfect cutting blade.


Although Davaon Pro blades are rust resistant

Remove any rust or debris with a soft to medium hard wire brush. You can also use a fine sandpaper to remove rust from along the blade. Ensure you wear safety gloves and take care when cleaning sharp blades.

Use a sharpener at 15 degree angle, soft strokes along the blade for maximum effectiveness. Using too much pressure will damage the blade and sharpener.

Use a dry or slightly oiled cloth to wipe when finished.


Top blade clean as you would the Bypass. Bottom Anvil cutting part, use a soft to medium wire brush or wire wool to access rust in awkward areas. Use a dry or slightly oiled cloth to wipe when finished.


Over time usage, the garden tool can take a beating from knocked about on branches to being thrown on the ground.

Nuts & Bolts

Tighten nuts that secure the tool together. These could be handles or blades.

Manufacturers websites should have care & maintenance instructions. https://www.davaon.com/davaon-product-instructions


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