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Snowdrops in February

The month when those lovely little white flowered plants make an appearance and remind us we are getting closer to Spring.


  • Plant Snowdrop bulbs about 10 cms deep.

  • Snowdrops look at their best planted in drifts to form clumps.

  • Due to the low hanging flowers, it makes it hard to see them clearly. If you can plant them on a raised flower bed, bank or in a wall.

  • Potted Snowdrops bought in the winter, plant them out into the garden. This is a good way of getting them going.

  • Best time to plant fully grown Snowdrops is in the Spring. This is in the green which is after flowering, but whilst still in leaf around March/April time.

  • When planting as grown plants, ensure they are also planted to the same depth, ensuring the white parts of the stems are in the soil.

  • Autumn Snowdrop bulbs are the most cost effective way of obtaining Snowdrops.

  • When purchasing your Autumn Snowdrop bulbs, ensure they are well moistened. Dried bulbs will prove difficult if not fatal to grow successfully.

  • Ensure to remove from containers and plant in a part shaded, moisture retaining, but draining soil area.

  • Snowdrops thrive in a natural setting, so ensure there is plenty of moist soil and mulch.

10 of the Best Snowdrops

  1. Galanthus ‘Atkinsii’

  2. Galanthus elwesii var. monostictus

  3. Galanthus ‘Magnet’

  4. Galanthus nivalis

  5. Galanthus nivalis f. pleniflorus ‘Flore Pleno’

  6. Galanthus plicatus

  7. Galanthus reginae-olgae subsp. reginae-olgae

  8. Galanthus ‘S. Arnott’

  9. Galanthus woronowii

  10. Leucojum vernum


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