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Your Garden In October

For those who lead busy lives or just need some helpful reminders on tasks for each month.

The perfect combination of wind, rain and deciduous trees and plants changing through the colder seasons, mean garden maintenance increases. This sometimes seems to be constant, so try and aim to look at doing this once a week or every other week to keep on top of it.

1) Plant vegetable seeds such as:

2) Perennials that are slowing down will need pruning

3) Plant your spring bulbs such as daffodils, tulips, crocus, grape hyacinths and fritillarias.

4) Reduce slugs and their eggs. There are many natural ways of doing this.

5) Rake and save dead leaves and use for soil compost

6) Nuts, grapes, pears, apples are perfect for harvest now.

7) For those who have planted pumpkins, remember to harvest no later than 90 days from when you planted your seeds. Your pumpkin will keep in storage for 30-90 days. If you remove any bacteria with a chlorine solution your pumpkin will last longer (this is what makes the pumpkin rot).

8) Pick the last of the yummy blackberries and prune back unwanted bramble growth.

9) Divide herbaceous perennials

10) Prune climbing plants. Always ensure a clean smooth cut to prevent disease during the winter months.

11) Pick up the remainder of seeds from the garden to sow next year

12) Seeds or new turf, the soft soil and wet weather is perfect for new grass.

13) Protect tender plants and bring them indoors (greenhouse, insulated shed or conservatory).

If you have any handy tips for October, please send them in to customercare@davaon.com


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