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Pro Telescopic Geared Garden Hedge Shears

Davaon listened to you, our customers, on extra length for hedge shears.

Introducing our brand new Telescopic Geared Garden Hedged Shears with click and twist extendable handles.

Trying to prune hard to reach hedges has been a common complaint. Many have to use ladders, step up blocks, nearby walls or anything else that works.

Of course these methods are not always safe (due to uneven ground), extra effort and time consuming.

Using the new Pro Telescopic Geared Garden Hedge Shears means you will:

✔ Save time - no need to stop to fetch & use steps etc

✔ Reduce effort - handling the steps/block etc

✔ Avoid safety risks - standing on an object on uneven ground.

The Davaon Pro Telescopic Geared Garden Hedge Shears without extending, have a good length ergonomic handle. To give you that additional reach, simply twist the end of the handles top open, pull to extend to the desired length and then twist to lock in place. Giving an additional 197mm overall.

As with all Davaon products the blades are super sharp with hardened SK5 Carbon Steel Wavy Blades, allowing you to slide through the hedge and trim or shape as desired.

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