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Mobility Friendly Gardens

For those that find the standard garden too challenging or are unable to work on their garden due to access restrictions then read below.

We have also included recommendations on our products that provide comfort, reduce fatigue and strain when pruning.

Paths are essential for accessing the whole of the garden, along with raised flowerbeds that are accessible from the path. The raised flower beds & vegetable patches in the above image look fabulous, but are out of reach for planting or harvesting.

This garden is much better in terms of layout and accessibility to planting, pruning and harvesting.

Not only does your garden needs to be suitable, but you also need garden tools to carry out your garden tasks.

Davaon garden tools are all focused on comfort and ease of use.

Ergonomic Handles

Comfortable handles come as standard on all of our products.

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Telescopic Reach

Extendable handles on our:

Ratchet Cutting Technology

Reducing effort with each squeeze up to 5 times when pruning.

Geared Technology System

The geared mechanism provides a mechanical advantage, amplifying the force applied by the blades during use.

Our geared products are:


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