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Your Garden in March

Finally entering Spring with drier and warmer weather ahead will be one of the busiest months, so make sure you have a list you can work through efficiently. Here's a few of the most common tasks in every garden.

1) Lawns will need edging and mowing on drier days. Ensure your mower blades are still sharp from the previous year.

2) Feed your soil slow releasing food or fertiliser

3) Brush clear paths/decking and jet wash.

4) Dust off the BBQ

5) Plant the following:

  • Summer flower bulbs

  • Shallots

  • Early Potatoes

6) Top up bedding areas and containers with soil / compost

7) Lift and divide overgrown clumps of perennials

8) Cut back winter stems such as Cornus and Salix.

9) Remove netting from ponds and feed fish. Remove pond heaters if you have any.

10) Keep weeds under control by hoeing and mulching early

11) Sort your seeds and containers for growing. Make a note of what and when you grow as this will help later in the year.

12) Prune bush and climbing roses.


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