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Your Garden In January

The first month of the calendar year and a great opportunity to maintain the garden from the outside elements.

1) As your in motivated mood to get things tidy and clean for the new year look at pots, garden furniture, planters, tools and anything else that needs some cleaning, sharpening or sorting.

2) Ensure all vines are still in place and strengthen if needed.

3) Prune back any dormant deciduous plants. Remove dead and crossed branches.

4) Prepare ground for vacant plots by digging over.

5) Check bird feeders, fat balls and baths are all stocked up for our wildlife friends.

6) Shred and recycle your Christmas Tree using it for mulch.

7) Fill in thermal gaps if needed with mulch or straw.

8) Check indoor plants for drying out or rot. Water with plant food to ensure they receive the nutrients they need.

9) Prune back Willows. Identifying dead, tangled or diseased stems and reduce down.

10) Plan your garden for the coming season

11) Dead head winter flower (Pansies/ Cyclamen / Helleborus / Dogwood / Viburnum.

12) Clip back old foliage from ornamental grasses before new growth begins. Right down to a few centimetres near the ground.

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