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How to Use An Axe Effectively.

Chopping or splitting wooden logs can be tiresome. Information on what to use and how it important to get the most from your axe.

What type of Axe head do you own?

Chopping Axe

If you have a chopping axe (as per image on left) you will tend to have a narrow sharp head to penetrate the wood and separate the wood fibres.

Swinging the axe several times with a downward stroke in the same place will allow you to chop through small branches (up to 8cms in diameter).

Visit our Pro 36cm Chopping Axe product page for more information.

Splitting Axe

A splitting axe (as per image on right), the head of the axe moves out along wider/thicker than the chopping axe.

After the sharp edge has cut into the wood, the wider shape forces the wood to split open.

Our Pro Axes allow you to split logs:

20cm for the Pro Splitting 46cm Axe

30cm for the Pro Splitting 71cm Axe

Ensuring the log is on another log or hard surface is ideal and avoids it being pushed into the ground.

For more information on splitting wood check out this great video for using an axe effectively and safely https://youtu.be/G8bORB79Clo

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