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Updated: Nov 10, 2019

Davaon understand that buying gifts for loved ones can prove to be challenging with each passing year, which is why they have created gift packages that you can buy for your green fingered friend, family member and of course a gift to yourself for all that hard work creating your own little paradise.

Pro Ratchet Anvil Telescopic Lopper, Ratchet Switch Secateurs and 180mm Pruning Saw Set.

Perfect for those who have tree's, thick hedges or bushes to prune in their garden. Anvils suit dry/woody branches or stems.

This heavy duty gift will cut up to:

Pro Ratchet Telescopic Lopper = 45mm

Pro 180m Pruning Saw = 100mm +

Pro Switch Ratchet 2 in 1 Anvil Secateurs = Up to 22mm

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Pro Ratchet Secateurs & Garden Hand Tools Set

A good range of diverse tools have been put together, covering a wider range of gardening tasks from the ground up.

The weeding fork and digging/planting trowel have comfortable soft grip ergonomic handles and non-corrosive metal heads.

Our Pro Ratchet Secateurs can cut dry woody branches up to 24mm and ideal for anyone who values the benefit of ratchet cut mechanism.

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Pro Bypass & Pro Anvil Secateurs

A delectable duo for any gardener when it comes to a superior secateurs set.

Bursting with features and benefits such as:

  • Auto Rotating Handles

  • Finger Guard Protection

  • Hand Width Size Adjuster

  • SK5 Carbon Steel Sharp Blades

Both cutting up to 22mm the Anvil is for dry/woody branches. The Bypass cuts perfectly with live, young and green stems/branches.

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Davaon Pro Secateurs Set & Pruning Saw

Now here is a bit of magic. A three set made into 4.

The Pro Ratchet Anvil Switch 2 in 1 Secateurs already mentioned as good for dry/woody branches or stems has a switch mode from single cut to ratchet cut. This giving you 2 types of cutting modes in just one pair of secateurs.

Our Pro Classic Secateurs are focused on deadheading flowers, small light pruning for smaller green branches and any other prune with live/green growth. Hand width adjustment notch allows you to make use of it for quick smaller cuts or adapt to your hand size (50% or 100%).

The Pro 180mm Pruning Saw with the angle button and safety lock allows to you saw at awkward angles effectively.

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Pro Secateurs Set & Sharpener

The Pro Ratchet Anvil Switch and the Pro Classic stepping out again together (people will start to talk), this time accompanied by the Pro Sharpener.

Maintenance of your tool blades are imperative to ensure it performs to it's ultimate best every time.

The Pro Diamond Cut Sharpener has a rough and smooth side and blade protection shield at the top of the handle.

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Pro Geared Secateurs Set

Providing both Bypass and Anvil secateurs that promote the latest geared system reduces fatigue and strain by 20%.

Ergonomic handles with soft grip and super sharp SK5 carbon steel blade make these smaller sized pruners make the perfect gift and arrive in their own little gift box.

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Pro Adjust Secateurs Set

Small or large hands - we love them all. Along with all the shiny features you come to expect from Davaon, we produced a Bypass and Anvil pruning set that is focused on the adjusting the width of the handles.

Now everyone can get involved with the gardening.

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If you are looking for a different garden gift for your loved one, then please send our Customer Care Team a message on customercare@davaon.com and we will be happy to help.

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