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Your Garden In August

The last full month of the summer will see flowers reach their peak and some their second flowering. Some reminders on how we can keep our gardens looking their best through the month.

1) Wise watering is still needed through the dry warm days. Remember to try and water early in the morning or later at night when the ground is at it's coolest.

2) Deadheading flowers regularly will encourage further growth for the following season and keep the plants healthy. Ensure you use the correct secateurs. Anvil for dry/woody and Bypass for live/green stems.

3) Climbing plants need pruning.

4) Start collecting seeds from garden plants.

5) Keep ponds, bird baths and water features topped up.

6) Watch out for rot on leaves or stems and remove. Feed with plant food or compost.

7) Trim your hedges before they stop growing.

8) Remove build up in the pond and any bulrushes or irises before the go to seed.

9) Keep on top of pests such as aphids or scarlet lily beetles on your lilies. Remove with fingers, check for larvae and use either purchased insecticide or home made.

Scarlet Lily Beetle

10) Harvest any vegetables that are ready such as:

  • Sweetcorn

  • Carrots

  • Beetroot

  • Potatoes (second early or main crop) keep in ventilated bag

11) Pick herbs on warm days to dry out


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