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Your Garden In April

Spring is well under way now and with temperatures rising, but also the frequent rain fall mean lots of activity in your little paradise of nature. Here are a few tasks to be getting on with.

1) Control the growth of plants through tying and pruning.

2) Feed your plants with compost or soil feed and ensure you water plants throughout dry spells.

3) Repair bald patches or seed lawns.

4) Ensure water butts are clear from debris.

5) Most people paint their sheds, decking and fences now. If you can wait until later in the year it will be more effective through the winter.

6) Sow herbs and wild flowers.

7) Keep weeds under control.

8) Pests such as slugs and aphids will start increasing. Ensure you keep the numbers down. There are many ways to keep the pests at bay.

9) Prune Hydrangeas down to a healthy stem lower down.

10) Deadhead any expired spring bulb flowers.

11) Enjoy instant colour by planting primulas and polyanthus in pots and at the front of borders.


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