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New Davaon Pro Adjustable Secateurs Set

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

Available Now on Amazon.co.uk

Davaon Ltd is pleased to announce the latest secateurs addition to it's ever growing and popular garden tools range, in the UK.

The new Davaon Pro Adjust Secateurs Set in box, is ideal for those who want the flexability of being able to adjust the handles grip width and cut through stems and branches easily.

Helping to reduce hand fatigue, you can quickly switch to adjust the grip to suit smaller to larger hands. This is also particularly useful if you are pruning smaller branches and do not require the blades to open to their fullest.

Another added benefit of this set is that you receive both bypass and anvil type pruning secateurs. Bypass type cut like a scissor and are ideal for cutting live or delicate plants such as roses. The Anvil type are perfect for cutting woody or more dense, thicker branches and stems, as the top blade cuts straight down on to the lower 'anvil'.

Both pruners have razor sharp SK5 carbon steel blades are precise and slice through stems and branches easily. Both have added comfort from the soft grip upper ergonomic handle.

They make a perfect addition to your gardening tools set.

Check them out now

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