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New Davaon Pro Ratchet Secateurs & Garden Hand Tools Set Launched

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

Davaon is pleased to announce the arrival of it's new high quality ratchet pruner and garden hand tools set.

Available now on Amazon UK

The NEW Pro Ratchet Secateurs has the ability to quickly cut through thicker 24mm stems and branches with easy, saving energy and time. You simply squeeze the handles, release and squeeze again until the branch is cut. They are strong, well built with high quality materials and comfortable to hold.

The New Stainless Steel, Ergonomic Garden Hand Tools including a garden trowel and weed fork. Both have strong, zero bending rust resistant steel heads and handles that are slip resistant and comfortable to hold. Ideal for soil preparation.

Secateurs Features:

5 Times the Cutting Power - Ratchet Secateurs

SK5 Carbon Steel Sharp Blades

Aluminium Lightweight Body for long lasting use

Ergonomic Handle

Garden Hand Tools Features:

Ergonomic handles that fit the hand nicely

Convenient index finger placement to encourage optimum grip

Stainless Steel, rust resistant heads that do not bend

Supplied in a coloured box and ideal as a gift for gardening friends and family

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