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Pruning Shrubs

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

Prune shrubs at the right time of year to guarantee healthy growth and impressive flowers and foliage.

My shrub/tree flowers mid- to late summer

  • Plants flower from July - October

  • Plants are deciduous - leaves fall off plant for winter

Prune these plants in spring. Prune last year’s growth to just two or three buds above healthy thick stems that provide a framework.

My shrub/tree has flowers in spring to midsummer

  • Plants flower from April-July Plants are deciduous - leaves fall off plant for winter

  • Prune these plants immediately after flowering. Stems will grow and ripen for next year's flowers.

  • Prune flowered stems back to a strong upright shoot. Do this around the whole plant. To open the canopy (leaves) remove one or two central older stems right back to the base.

My shrub is too tall and all the flowers grow above my head

  • Prune the main uprights hard back in spring

  • Foliage has a whole season to ripen before winter

  • Apply organic matter around the main trunk or stems to feed after the extreme chop

My evergreen shrub has outgrown its allotted space

  • Plants do not lose their leaves in winter

  • In mid-spring lightly prune the whole shrub. This will encourage buds to break further down the stems

  • In midsummer prune harder into the plant to the desired size and shape

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