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Davaon Pro Swivel Handy Garden Shears

360° Rotatiing in 12 Positions for Comfort, Sharp, Ideal for Grass, Hedges, Topiary, Deadheading

Tough, Strong, Lightweight, Long Lasting High Quality Garden Cutting Tool


  • HANDY MULTI USE TOOL - These garden shears can be used for more than just perfecting grass lawn edging. The sharp blades are particularly useful for applying the finishing touches and shaping small hedge branches, shrubs and plant stems. Ideal Lawn, Topiary and Deadheading gardening trimmer

  • EFFICIENT PROTECTED CUTTING ACTION - You can easily squeeze to cut with the cutting mechanism, which is protected to stop grass or stems getting caught in it. It's designed to make trimming effortless ensures the carbon steel wavy blades provide a close scissor like snip action everytime for accuracy and spring back open for the next grass clipping. Perfect for sculpting the lawn or small hedge

  • 360 MULTI ANGLE BLADE POSITON - With 12 positions you can easily rotate the swivel head blades to suit the task at hand and to reduce unnecessary wrist bending. Great when you are cutting close to patio or stones or fence as you can move your hand position away from them. Simply hold handle and rotate the blades, which then stay in place when selected. Ideal for trimming sides of lawns and hedges

  • HIGH QUALITY DESIGN LONG LASTING USE - As with all Davaon Garden Tools, this bit of kit is built to last. High Quality Non Stick Carbon Steel Blades, Protected Cutting Mechanism, Strong ABS handles are tough to crack, Cutting mechanism that lasts and Rust Resistant. Single Hand use, Easy thumb lock. All designed to provided many years of enjoyable use so don't miss out

  • QUALITY ALL ROUND - Rust Resistant, Low Friction, Premium Quality Garden Tool That You Can Enjoy Using For Years.

  • Model Number DN-3159