Davaon Metal Garden Hose Spray Gun - Full Water Flow Control Thumb Nozzle, Easy Select 8 Patterns, Leak Free Connector, Durable Body and Comfort Non-Slip Grip

Control Water Flow From 0 - 100%, 8 Pattern Selector Is Ideal For Watering Plants, Flowers, Hedges and More

Great For Cleaning Cars, Washing Pets, Filling Buckets and Watering Cans


Davaon Metal Garden Hose Nozzle Main
Davaon Metal Garden Hose Nozzle Overview
Davaon Metal Garden Hose Nozzle Holding.
Davaon Metal Garden Hose Nozzle Shower
Davaon Garden Nozzle Cone
Davaon Metal Garden Hose Nozzle Thumb Co
Davaon Metal Garden Hose Nozzle Main Hea
Davaon Garden Nozzle Centre
Davaon Garden Nozzle Attached
Davaon Metal Garden Hose Nozzle Head1
Davaon Garden Nozzle Handle
  • LESS HAND FATIGUE - NO NEED TO KEEP SQUEEZING THE TRIGGER ANY MORE - The Davaon Gardening Hose Sprayer Has An Easy To Use Thumb Control That Means You Can Just Hold The Nozzle And Water Away, Rather Than Having To Continually Squeeze The Trigger For Long Periods Of Time, Like On Other Garden Sprayers. Just Move The Thumb Control To Desired Water Flow Power And Off You Go. Helps To Reduce The Chance Of Hand Fatigue Or Cramp And Is Great For Those With Weak Hand Conditions

  • EASY TWIST 8 PATTERN SELECTOR - Hose Spray Head Has 8 Patterns For All Your Gardening Needs And Can Be Easily Selected In Seconds, Even When Wet. Simply Stop The Nozzle Water Flow By Pulling Thumb Control To Off And Then Turn The Head To Desired Spray Gun Pattern. Push Thumb Control Up For Water Flow And Away You Go. Full, Centre, Cone, Shower, Mist, Vertical, Horizontal And Stream Patterns Available. Ideal For Flowers, Lawn, Cars, Pets, Patio, Watering Can & Bucket Filling

  • CONTROL THE WATER FLOW VIA THE SPRAYER - Now You Can Easily Control The Flow Of Water Coming The Hose Head By Moving The Thumb Control To Level Required. This Is Extremely Handy When When You Need A Less Powerful Flow For More Delicate Areas Such As Plants/Flowers Or Even Your Pets Feet. Saves You Having To Walk Back And Forth To The Tap And Helps You To Save Some Water Too

  • MADE TO LAST - This Tough, Robust And Durable Water Hose Nozzle Is Made To Last Thanks To Its Whole Metal Body Which Is Tougher Than Plastic Sprayers. It's Rust Resistant And Designed To Stand Up To Your Garden Watering Needs. The Ergonomic Premium Handle Is Slip Resistant And Comfortable To Hold During Use Without Straining. The Male Hose Connector Fits All Standard Female Hose Connections such as Hozelock.

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